The breeze of autumn..

Gosh! It’s October already! Summer has slipped through the fingers, and harsh winter is pushing its pedals to make it here in no time. The thought of longer hours in darkness and cold may already have begun to send a chill to those in the northern hemisphere, especially the likes of us living in the far north, where a beautiful warm summer is no less than a guest of honor. And if you happened to trade your fortune in search of greater pleasures, a warm summer may sometimes remain an unfulfilled dream.

But to share honestly, while the climate has really cooled down here (you won’t go too wrong even if you imagine warm down jackets, hats and gloves on people), the shrinking daylight has not started to take away all the joys.  Even before we begin to mull and brood over the fact that earth has just revolved a bit more away from the sun, nature unwraps yet another of her gift and splashes the most gorgeous and warmest colors all around. And we all soak in the inexplicable exquisiteness of the changing portrait around us. The autumn is here, so rich and abundant in beauty. It’s not for nothing that we call nature our mother!

”She lays a crimson carpet of leaves,
that twirl with the slightest breeze,
Golden birches or maple reds,
All for us to cherish along
Before we snug in our cozy beds..”


I must admit having lived in India for most of my life thus far, I never consciously gave a thought to the changing seasons. It is warm, rather hot, in India most part of the year, and living a city life usually obstructs your window to the greater secrets of nature. Most of the poetry I read as a student drew references to a warm sunny afternoon to create an atmosphere of joy and positivity, and I never quite understood why. People can really thrive in scorching climates, I used to think.

Setting foot in the life of Europe a few years ago, and especially in Sweden last year, I realized why I was so wrong. The answer was the same skin-deep principle – To appreciate something more, it has to be scarcely available to you.  For an Arctic country like Sweden, that experiences really long winter, and sometimes four seasons in a day – common ones being rain, snow, wind and hail, it is perfectly understandable what a ‘warm sunny afternoon’ can do to the spirits and strength of its people. My husband and I ( I prefer to call us S&S :-)) never imagined that we could jump in excitement over a 20°C weather forecast, but now we do! 🙂

Sharing some happy pictures of the happy season in Stockholm 🙂




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