Did you know about ‘Movember’?

Did you know about ‘Movember’? Like MOV-EMBER! If you thought I have spelt November incorrectly, you are probably one of my sorts.  But if you really do know, you have my big applaud, because I didn’t know about this wonderful campaign, until I joined my fabulous team at work!

It is an annual event which involves male participants growing their moustache big and wild during the month of November – to raise funds and awareness on various diseases that affect the health of  males, such as prostrate and testicular cancer, depression and suicide prevention. So ‘Moustache’ + ‘November’ gives you the unique and funky ”Movember”! 

I got an opportunity to meet some cool ‘Mo Bros’ (yeah, that’s how the participants call themselves;)) having fun and showing off their look on the last day of November, when the wild produce of the month was tamed into a stylish ‘stache !!

The proud ‘Mo Bros’ and ‘Mo Sistas’



I would definitely steal a moment to credit the bravery of the women in their lives. Sure it’s not easy to see your man walking around like he is in the making of a drug addict, or even worse, immersed into thoughts of a past flame – for one whole ‘no-shave’ month. But  the  women I came across were avid and ardent ‘Mo Sistas’ themselves – encouraging, supporting and participating.

What’s more, these creative wizards brandished their wands – ones which were technology underpinned, humour zipped and sentiments wrapped – to create pure magic! They recorded an absolutely stunning and entertaining video of ‘Dancing Moustaches’, to build on and popularise the idea. I urge you to check it out on YouTube, you won’t leave without a big smile!

I felt the drive and passion was subtly, but powerfully exhibited. The inner voices could almost be heard saying in unanimity,

”I revive trends,
I make a statement,
I am fashionable;
My fashion is for a cause.”

One of my colleagues even made a cheese cake with moustaches. May be a signal to someone special that his sweetness is not lost, despite those little wild things on him.

With this, I cannot resist sharing my fashion tip for the month of November. Here you go 😉

Waiting for November 2017!

2 thoughts on “Did you know about ‘Movember’?

  1. Caspar 03/02/2017 / 4:22 PM

    Love it 🙂


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