Got yourself clicked at the iconic ‘I Amsterdam’?

Amsterdam has a really cool city sign in the form of bold red and white ‘I Amsterdam letters, which makes it both iconic and fun! The ones coming into Amsterdam by flight, can surely not miss it, since there is one right outside the Schiphol International Airport, offering a grand welcome! But the first set to be erected was in front of the Rijksmuseum (or the National Museum) at Museumplein, which is always swarmed with tourists!

‘I Amsterdam’ letters outside Rijksmuseum, Museumplein


Undoubtedly, it makes for a great photo opportunity!


Umm, not just in front of it, but also on top of it! 😉

Aren’t these Dutch entertainers super cute?!! :*

There are some other interesting ‘I Amsterdam’ signs and photo spots around the garden in Museumplein. I haven’t seen them much in the Google images, so be sure to check them out for yourself when you visit!!

How to get here?

There is no metro station very close to this area. The easiest public transport option to get to Museumplein (Museum Sqaure) is by tram (stop name : Museumplein).

Share your pictures!!

Do share your pictures with the ‘I Amsterdam’ letters!! Waiting to see them!!!

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3 thoughts on “Got yourself clicked at the iconic ‘I Amsterdam’?

  1. Jesper, The Biveros Effect 01/02/2018 / 11:09 PM

    Interestin idea for sure. Not many large cities that can copy it. Cannot think of any other starting with am. 🙂


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