Out of This World


I strolled around one of the islands in the Mediterranean during the early hours of sunset, when something in the far horizon caught my eye. It was small, and black, with a strange shape, sort of a rectangle dented in between. It protruded out of the vast expanse of waters. It didn’t look like a boat parked in the middle of the sea. Also it was hard to imagine a boat as stationary or fixated, as this one was. I could not unravel it’s true identity despite giving it a keen gaze, and in order to allow myself to move on further, I placidly told myself that it could be a natural rock, stemming from the ocean bed, with a part of its head surfacing above the waters. May be that’s what it just was.

No sooner had I begun to turn my eyes around, than I came across an orchestration, so stunning and powerful and sinister at the same time, that I felt transfixed. My vision followed a path up from ‘my rock’, to the softly streaming crepuscular rays of the downing golden sun, that appeared to be wanting to shine on the rock but with no success. And then slowly leading to the gigantic and ominous mass of dark black cloud, which due to its shape, appeared to be cradling the biggest fireball in the sky. It was so enormous that it had almost devoured all the glory that could have possibly reached the rock. The rock! yes! How was this gigantic cloud looming only over the rock? How did it bring itself to engulf the radiating light and keep it from falling only over the rock, while the rest of the sky beamed blue cloudless?

The eerie and evil-looking sight I witnessed in that moment, posed an out of this world energy, contriving to disturb the quietude of the place, threatening to wreak havoc in ‘our’ world.

via Photo Challenge : Out of This World

7 thoughts on “Out of This World

  1. Abrie Joubert 07/03/2018 / 9:10 PM

    Excellent capture and description of this out of the world sight


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