The journey I belong to..

World, travel, nature, culture, admiration – I’m sure my dream was born before me. I grew up in India, but my tiny feet wanted to touch every grass blade they could. After living in the fancy European capitals of London and Amsterdam for a few years, I now live in Stockholm with my husband. Patiently and excitedly, we work towards turning our travel wish list to reality, while also trying to excel in our respective full time jobs!

My travel stories so far have led me to believe that nothing really has changed since my childhood – except the size of the foot, and the depth of the dream, which have only grown bigger. While on my big path to happiness, I bag those precious things on the way, that the world likes to call experiences. For me, they are just my crystals, my very own gems, that sparkle brighter with time, and leave me transfixed even with a subtle wandering recollection. What can give me more pleasure than to share their beauty with the world? And especially when I now have my companion, my partner S to pick my chosen crystals with 🙂

A romantic literature lover at heart, I sometimes find myself scribbling tiny poems and compositions. If you stumble upon them on this blog, I’d be elated to know your thoughts!

Walking with a checkered bag of crystals
Lime laced, ferrous kissed, turquoise tinged
Every step is nothing but a mosaic;
Look back, and the dust will cloud the vision
Or replace them, with sand in the hourglass
Give them the gift of timelessness.

– Shagun