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A little more love,
A little less judgement,
Times are tough,
And the beautiful lovelocks show us the way.

Fill your heart with kindness and love for the world and it’s people, and let it stay there forever. The key to your heart lies with you, and you alone. 🔑 💖

Blissful union

“Blessings and love resonate in the starry skies,

Radiant eyes recite the saga of a blissful union;

A secret smile revels, to welcome a new world of joy,

Turning an ordinary night into an eternal divine promise.”

A deep throwback and reminiscence to the words I composed for my wedding card five years ago today! As I read and re-read them now, I fathom the faith and strength that they carry deep in their bosom. The years gone by have indeed nothing been less than an eternal promise, and the ones knocking on the door show a promise of sacred new beginnings!

Did you know about ‘Movember’?

Did you know about ‘Movember’? Like MOV-EMBER! If you thought I have spelt November incorrectly, you are probably one of my sorts.  But if you really do know, you have my big applaud, because I didn’t know about this wonderful campaign, until I joined my fabulous team at work!

It is an annual event which involves male participants growing their moustache big and wild during the month of November – to raise funds and awareness on various diseases that affect the health of  males, such as prostrate and testicular cancer, depression and suicide prevention. So ‘Moustache’ + ‘November’ gives you the unique and funky ”Movember”! 

I got an opportunity to meet some cool ‘Mo Bros’ (yeah, that’s how the participants call themselves;)) having fun and showing off their look on the last day of November, when the wild produce of the month was tamed into a stylish ‘stache !!

The proud ‘Mo Bros’ and ‘Mo Sistas’



I would definitely steal a moment to credit the bravery of the women in their lives. Sure it’s not easy to see your man walking around like he is in the making of a drug addict, or even worse, immersed into thoughts of a past flame – for one whole ‘no-shave’ month. But  the  women I came across were avid and ardent ‘Mo Sistas’ themselves – encouraging, supporting and participating.

What’s more, these creative wizards brandished their wands – ones which were technology underpinned, humour zipped and sentiments wrapped – to create pure magic! They recorded an absolutely stunning and entertaining video of ‘Dancing Moustaches’, to build on and popularise the idea. I urge you to check it out on YouTube, you won’t leave without a big smile!

I felt the drive and passion was subtly, but powerfully exhibited. The inner voices could almost be heard saying in unanimity,

”I revive trends,
I make a statement,
I am fashionable;
My fashion is for a cause.”

One of my colleagues even made a cheese cake with moustaches. May be a signal to someone special that his sweetness is not lost, despite those little wild things on him.

With this, I cannot resist sharing my fashion tip for the month of November. Here you go 😉

Waiting for November 2017!

What if you celebrated your workouts?!

I am usually not so much of a gym, sports or physical training person. Even the last muscle of my body, lying somewhere in my tiny toe, cringes and then springs out, rolling her eyes at me in absolute disdain, when I tell myself – ‘Gym day today’. I can hear the resistance, so loud and clear. I always have to drag myself to a fitness center, thanks to the ‘non-cooperation movement’ of those tiny toes. And more often than not, they win the battle and keep me stalled in the comfort of my house.

I also don’t see myself as an ardent party person – I mean, of course, we live in times of twerks and swags, and raving apparently is the next best thing after eating and sleeping. So you see, a dash of it is fun for sure, and may be a dash is just enough as well 😉

You’d think why I introduce you to the preferences I carry in my life. Last month, S sent me a link asking if I’d like to register for a party happening in Stockholm. I think he will vouch for the fact that for the first time I accepted the proposal without even bothering to ask for any details. The way it was titled, bringing the two worlds together, somehow sounded just right to the ears – ‘Workout Parties.’ Intriguing, right?


The idea was simple – what if you could have everything that you look forward to in a party – companions, food, drinks, sweets, – shaking a leg on your favourite music – and all this at no risk of adding calories, in fact shaping up some of those not-so-kind areas that your mirror doesn’t get along with? Doesn’t it sound like a happiness bonanza?! Yes, and that’s exactly how it turned out to be.

A nightclub environment in a huge arena and the DJ plays popular electronic music to ensure your moves never miss a beat, zestful trainers lead and cheer the crowd to ease into what I thought was a great cardio, and you – as a participant – are brimming with energy because you’ve been generously fed with protein drinks and shakes, also protein-rich candies and ice-creams, if you preferred! (of course without the sugar ;-))And for those whose taste receptor cells are tuned to be satiated only by a certain tipsy taste, there was alcohol-free champagne, and it was damn good.

It was interesting to see there were more women than men, and for the first time in a party, it was not about their lipstick, not the high heels, not even that irresistible LBD – it was the sweat and stamina, and those comfortable sneakers, sprucing up their look and adding to the glistening countenance. For both of us, it was exciting and empowering to work out on the music beats with 500 other people, who appeared to be so diligent towards this common goal, trying to keep up to every count of the trainer (hush hush..we in fact allowed ourselves to stealthily skip a few exercises ;-)).

Here’s a pic showing off the power from the party! 🙂


The experience inspires me to think that on our scale, doing small ‘Workout get-togethers’ or ‘Zumba parties’ with friends or family on weekends would probably be a great way to keep each other motivated for fitness! What do you say?