Visiting Spain? How about watching some Flamenco?!

An art form of elegant poise, sharp majestic postures, and well-orchestrated euphonious foot taps – that was my impression of the classic dance form native to Spain, known to the world as Flamenco. To complement it further, the buoyant ruffled dresses of the performers, the hand fans and and ebullient energy counted for every little visual appeal the audiences were looking for.

A spell was cast when a team of artists harmonised the rhythm of guitars, hand claps, foot taps and a castanet (a percussion instrument held in the hand and struck to generate music). Some traditional Spanish singing alongside stirred up the music loving senses of the mind, and the wholesome experience made us appreciate its class beyond doubt!

During my earlier visits to Spain, I made time to attend some live Flamenco shows in a couple of small-scale clubs in Barcelona and Valencia. You will find below some of my suggested budget-friendly, easily accessible places which give a quick 45-60 minutes peak into this enchanting tradition!  


In Spain, it is not very difficult to find clubs with Flamenco shows, as it is also a way to promote their talented artists and showcase their tradition. A quick Google search may list a lot of options depending on the scale of the event you may be interested in.
The ones I found authentic and very easy on the pocket were:

  • Los Tarantos, La Rambla, Barcelona
  • Café del Duende, Valencia

And what better than enjoying the performances with a glass of Spanish Sangria! 😉 Most of the places offer this drink complementary with the entrance ticket. A right balance with food and drinks, and some appreciation for a different culture might just let this experience find its way in your books of memoirs. So why not go for it?!


Probably I spent too much time watching the show. And some Flamenco bugs slipped in 😉 Trying out a dance step in the famous Valencian city of Buñol, known for hosting the popular La Tomatina festival every year! 🙂

Hope you have a fun experience watching some Flamenco moves!