A cup of Kenyan Kilimanjaro is all you need..

No sooner did we return from a meeting that prolonged, than my colleague Mr.C and I reached out for the jar that his mother had sent. It was time for a soul-stirring, mood-uplifting, senses-awakening drops of delight, yes, the coffee! Well, it’s hard to not pick up this ONE pleasure (read: addiction) living in Europe, and especially in Scandinavia. Well, you gotta find ways to keep yourself warm and kicking! A ‘coffee lovers group’ can possibly outnumber a ‘beer lovers group’ here. But hey, resist the urge to quote me anywhere, I referred to no statistics 😉

But what do we see here? Not even half a spoonful left! Blame it on the meetings that overstretch everyday. A sigh of exasperation and we made our way to succumb to the no- aroma, no-appeal coffee available in the cafeteria.

So what befitting can replace this empty jar now?  One of the popular supermarket chains in Sweden – Hemköp – had an answer. A casual trip to one of their stores revealed that they didn’t just have the normal packaged coffee, they had LARGE barrels full of fresh coffee beans, lined in disciplined rows, with products from different parts of the world! Those who love coffee might already begin to imagine the aromatic pull of that section. A coffee lovers’ haven I would call it.


Among the Irish Cream, Indonesian Vanille, Ethiopisk Mocca, and several others, Kenya Kilimanjaro clearly won the battle of fragrance, and was the first one to be picked up. We have more varieties on our desks now, and I think trying them all sounds like a super fine ‘winter project’.

Now, what good are the coffee beans if you don’t have a grinder at home or your work place? Here’s where Hemköp scores big again. Two immensely user-friendly machines with clear instructions printed on the level of granularity to be chosen for different forms of coffee, the most common ones being espresso, filter coffee and boiled coffee, are installed in their stores for customers.

Isn’t it absolutely wonderful to be able to enjoy a cup of freshly ground coffee, whenever your heart desires?!


Do you also like coffee? Will be glad to hear your experiences!