via Photo Challenge: Silence

I was revelling in the tranquil and mellow of the Highlands of Iceland, watching the blue skies and soft white clouds casting a mirror reflection in the still and silent waters of a meandering river. While being right at the verge of disappearing in oblivion, and becoming one with my peaceful thoughts, I got knocked back at the sight of my husband who was about to throw a stone into the river.

Of course he was unaware how I was in conversation with the solitude, drawing energy from nature’s growing calm.  But I couldn’t bring myself to call out and stop him.  I was just so drawn away. It was a moment when you know it’s going to be over soon, but it’s too late to do anything.

I felt the silence break, even before the stone plopped into water.

The splashes invaded the stillness, both of the waters and of the thoughts, and it was time to move to our next destination, quite merrily 🙂

Thanks to smartphones, it’s never too late to bring the camera alive!