Message from the autumn leaves 🍁

It’s now time to bid adieu,
descend into the solace of winter;
holding on to a promise to revive
and come back alive,
in the best of green,
with the verve of youth,
packed with hope
and smiles of the spring.

Till we meet again,
let’s partner on this journey,
of a silent transformation
yet a throbbing resurrection;
Take a pause to reawaken, too
change things you wanted to,
always change about you.

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My sis-in-law, I look-in-awe

Like a placid waterfall, cascades her hair,
She is a cornucopia, of love and care;
A soignée lady, poetry in motion,
Eyes unfathomable, like the bed of an ocean;
Purity and profoundness, beautifully blended,
The Holy Ganges, from heaven descended;
My chosen epithets, ‘magnanimous’ and ‘kind’,
But also a playful, cherub I find;
A companion to rejoice with, a shoulder to bank on,
She smiled her way in, new joys were born;
Such blessed life, gotten more beautiful thereon,
She’s a colossal treasure trove, we fortunately stumbled upon!

This veiled snow bride..

A Pearl, a Palanquin, a Vow, a Smile,
A Swan, a Seashell, or Soul of a child;
Source of a stream, Dew drops that gleam,
A Companion’s love, a Mirror reflection,
Pride of a truth, or Mother’s affection,
Astounding are Thy Myriad forms, PURITY,
What name can I offer thee?!
Elated as I am, BEHOLDING this Nature’s Splendor,
I sit by the window, in the streets I meander,
Gleefully watch My EARTH;
In a veil of WHITE
An embellished bride,
So pure as the DOVES of Aphrodite..
Walking on a bed of Jasmine,
Adorned in the wreath of SNOW
Countless wonders, in a single lifetime,
Will a man ever be fortunate to know!