Blissful union

“Blessings and love resonate in the starry skies,

Radiant eyes recite the saga of a blissful union;

A secret smile revels, to welcome a new world of joy,

Turning an ordinary night into an eternal divine promise.”

A deep throwback and reminiscence to the words I composed for my wedding card five years ago today! As I read and re-read them now, I fathom the faith and strength that they carry deep in their bosom. The years gone by have indeed nothing been less than an eternal promise, and the ones knocking on the door show a promise of sacred new beginnings!

Lose to find

”I don’t fear losing anymore…

I lost myself in You

And I don’t know a richer soul around…”

Here begins our 5th wedding anniversary week, and there come gushing all the precious memories from the day we exchanged rings on our fingers!

Couldn’t resist penning down some thoughts 🙂