Message from the autumn leaves 🍁

It’s now time to bid adieu,
descend into the solace of winter;
holding on to a promise to revive
and come back alive,
in the best of green,
with the verve of youth,
packed with hope
and smiles of the spring.

Till we meet again,
let’s partner on this journey,
of a silent transformation
yet a throbbing resurrection;
Take a pause to reawaken, too
change things you wanted to,
always change about you.

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Blissful union

“Blessings and love resonate in the starry skies,

Radiant eyes recite the saga of a blissful union;

A secret smile revels, to welcome a new world of joy,

Turning an ordinary night into an eternal divine promise.”

A deep throwback and reminiscence to the words I composed for my wedding card five years ago today! As I read and re-read them now, I fathom the faith and strength that they carry deep in their bosom. The years gone by have indeed nothing been less than an eternal promise, and the ones knocking on the door show a promise of sacred new beginnings!

I’d Rather Be…

This week’s photo challenge theme taps into the pure, happiness-oozing corners of the readers, rooted somewhere deep within, kindling with joy when they do something that they love! For me, penning down poetry compositions is what stirs up those hidden pancreas of delight. That’s the paradise I lose myself in.. That’s what I find the most satisfying and rewarding.. Do you still wonder how my blog came to be titled as ‘Pen and Paradise’? 🙂

Here’s a glimpse of a few lines that I composed for the ‘About my journey’ page of my blog, where I happily introduce my readers to the love I nurture for travelling around the world, collecting timeless memories as varied,  precious and rich as crystals from the ocean!



I’d really like to be able to give more time to this love of my life.
I’d rather be.. composing..

via Photo Challenge: I’d Rather Be…

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